School Supply Collection – Professional Retail Services – 2019

School Supply Collection Professional Retail Services – 2019 Joe Mcleer, PRS Vendor Relations, has initiated another school supply collection this year; last year’s school supply drive brought over 5k worth of school supplies to many local families. This time he enlisted a few of his co-workers and teamed up with his current employer; Professional Retail…

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Retail Global Facility Management

Global Facility Management – According to CBRE Group Inc.’s 10th annual study of international retail expansion*. The survey found that retailers’ expansion into new markets increased by 2% in 2016, down from 2015 CBRE’S study where it showed it was up at 3.1%. Perhaps due to the dollar’s strength, compared to other international currency,  American…

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Retail Still Got Game! -2017 PRSM Conference


In a time where brick and mortar retail stores are experiencing turbulent times facility service providers are also feeling the crunch to perform with a lot less in order to thrive in a vastly competitive environment. PRSM members: Professional Retail Services (Facilities Services), Retail Security Services (Security Guards) & Retail Mechanical Services (HVAC & Refrigeration)…

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