Retail Still Got Game! -2017 PRSM Conference

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In a time where brick and mortar retail stores are experiencing turbulent times facility service providers are also feeling the crunch to perform with a lot less in order to thrive in a vastly competitive environment.

PRSM members: Professional Retail Services (Facilities Services), Retail Security Services (Security Guards) & Retail Mechanical Services (HVAC & Refrigeration) are teaming up this year at the PRSM 2017 Conference in Grapevine, TX April 18th-20th, to debut their full-service programs designed to cut cost and deliver quantified results.

They will also be hosting the first ever “Whack-It-Back Tournament” at PRSM booth #813, where retailers can participate to win a grand prize (Louis Vuitton Merchandise) while raising awareness that, in a time when things look grim if suppliers and retailers join forces, “RETAIL HAS STILL GOT GAME!”. Headbands will be distributed for participants and for those that cannot attend headbands can be obtained by inboxing your name and address to Profession Retail Services on LinkedIn, Facebook or email at

For more information please contact Amanda Procida at 888-834-2411 or email at

About PRSM Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association

The PRSM association empowers retail facilities maintenance professionals to make informed business decisions, enhance their company’s brand and advance their careers by:
• Delivering tools that improve operating efficiencies and reduce costs
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About Professional Retail Services

Founder and President Kathleen Larmour decided to take her in-depth industry experience and launch Professional Retail Services (PRS) a national facility maintenance company in 2000. Operating out of a spare room in her home, PRS’s success had laid out the groundwork for the sprouting of yet another company shortly after, Retail Security Services (RSS) a national security guard provider.

PRS is a leader in the facility maintenance industry providing services to America’s top brands. The goal is simple: Total Customer Satisfaction. PRS service programs are aimed at providing prompt, reliable, quality service with proven results with 24-hour service, unlimited real-time web-based data access and a commitment to excellence.

About Retail Security Services

Originally instituted as the security division of PRS, Retail Security Services (RSS) was officially incorporated in 2014. As the demand for reliable and efficient security guards grew so did the division and the need to incorporate RSS and offer customers a total security solution. Providing services to America’s retail and restaurant brands, the goal remained the same as that of PRS: Total Customer Satisfaction. RSS programs are aimed at providing prompt, reliable, quality service with proven results. RSS delivers on these services. Partnering with the best guard companies in the industry and requiring background checks for each guard dispatched. Consistent follow-up and tracking make RSS a leader in the security industry.

About Retail Mechanical Services

Retail Mechanical Services (RMS) a national HVAC & Refrigeration company, providing diamond level service to customers using the 4Cs Of “Total Customer Satisfaction” which are: commitment, consistency, creativity & communication.

RMS was intentional in entering the field and raising the bar of professionalism in the HVAC & Refrigeration sector. RMS invested a lot of time in the sourcing of skillful talent, planning, execution and testing of operational logistics and mechanical training programs, before launching. RMS couples technology, experience, and market research in order to deliver the caliber of service that PRS & RSS customers are accustomed to. RMS works hard to continually offer and deliver successful programs designed to fulfill the HVAC & Refrigeration needs of today.