Vendor Of The Month Program

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Since its inception in 2000, Professional Retail Services (PRS) has always taken pride on cultivating strong relations between ourselves & client, and ourselves & vendor.

With 65+ retail outlets and thousands of vendors, there could always be aspects of any job that could become a bit of a challenge. However, when you surround yourselves with some of the absolute best vendors in the country, issues become limited, jobs get completed quicker and our day goes by seamlessly.

With that, in 2018, we at PRS decided it was time to give a little bit more than just work orders to the men and women who are on the front lines of service calls. The Vendor Relations Department at PRS was given a budget to recognize vendors on a monthly basis and gift them something that would help them along their journey.

Since February, PRS vendors have received anywhere from tool belts to carrying cases, to L.E.D. lit industrial clipboards for running our work orders flawlessly. The Vendor Relations Department meets with every PRS supervisor and service representative to gauge their pick for this monthly honor. At the end of the month, these names are tallied together in a fun and entertaining process that give us our winner! We will then select a gift based on trade and relationship, fill out a card explaining why the vendor is getting the gift, and Mr. UPS comes and delivers it to their door. We strongly feel that every work order dispensed should be an experience rather than just a service call. To that, we want to celebrate those who believe this theory as well…and execute.  To date, this has been an incredibly successful program that has received rave reviews, and we look forward to continuing this for years to come.