The Elephant In The Room – Retail Store Closings/Filing Bankruptcy

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Store ClosingsRetail Store Closings. It’s no secret that in 2019, the biggest rival to the modern day retail brick and mortar storefront is the ever popular and surging group of internet market places and the convenience that is brought with them.

While website after website continue to flourish, and corporations like Amazon, eBay, and Apple continue their retail dominance, it leaves the facility maintenance world facing many and possibly difficult challenges ahead including retail store closings. Within the past ten years, many popular retailers have been forced to file for bankruptcy with a decent amount having to ultimately close their doors or forced to liquidate the rest of their assets from websites.

So what does that mean for a company like ours?
The general consensus around the industry seems to be that there will always be a need for physical retail stores…but to what degree? The general public wants to browse, see things for themselves, touch and test items…ask questions, services that you can’t accomplish from behind a computer screen. It’s like a newer adage, that you should ‘test drive’ goods to ensure whatever it is, it’s what you want. With that, businesses like ours can enjoy long and successful partnerships… if connections are made with the right companies.

Look, everything in life would be so much easier if we could all just look into one giant crystal ball and foresee what companies will last the test of time and what companies will continue to turn successful profits in these economic climates. In the same thought, this also goes for companies that will turn a series of disappointing quarterly earnings into an empty pit of bankruptcy, followed up with closing stores or worse. So what can we do in the world of facility maintenance to ensure and solidify our future? Have we sustained tougher times like these in our 19 years of operations?

The answer is yes.
In our existence, Professional Retail Services (PRS) has had our share of highs and lows. Like every major company, we are not immune to the economic shifts, changes or challenges that our brick and mortar retail partners face. After all, we thrive when our partners business thrives. So our first selling point should always be to notify the client that we are absolutely ready to take on whatever job or project they have, 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. If we can make our clients lives easier on the maintenance front, it’s one less thing they need to worry about. PRS makes a point of accepting and completing service calls from plumbing, to carpentry, to electric, to locksmith and many trades in between.

Clients and superior customer service.
We want our clients to know they are fully covered within the maintenance trades that we offer. If in a rare situation that we cannot service a call, we will have proper and concise information between store and client, to explain and offer any information that we have on the on-goings of the service call. Our communication will always be fluent and informative. To be frank, if there is a store above ground in the United States and Canada, we will do everything we can in making sure it’s serviced on time, with the best craftsmanship around.

Client Interviews
It should be noted, however, that we choose our clients just as they choose their facility maintenance company. We may apply to run a company’s maintenance issues, but believe that we are choosing that company to work with first.  The truth is, we have had numerous tenured clients through the years and still have a few clients that continue to contract us year after year because of our incredible rapport. On the same flip of the same coin, we have also worked with companies that unfortunately go belly up earlier than either of us expected. In this line of work, researching and following a company’s trend is extremely important to ensure our own longevity. At times, things don’t always go as planned…and we understand that. It is our intention, however, to always partner up with clients who have the same goal in mind…to be victorious in every aspect of the business. Every single time. We consider our partnerships to be a big step in this process.

The Future Of Retail
The future is wide open and if there is one thing that is guaranteed in today’s retail world, it’s that the internet will continue its impressive growth and build more successful market places. However, brick and mortar will also evolve to entice customers to enter their establishments on an overall ‘experience’ to mix in with their goods and services. And with that, we will still be here. Ready to service these stores and make sure that they are always in tip-top shape for the customer experiences…now and in the foreseeable future.

With a 5 star review on Google, Professional Retail Services has over 18 years experience in the retail/restaurant sector. Available 24/7 in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico. They are Professional Retail Maintenance Association members.  For more information on our store closing services please feel free to email us at or call (888) 834-2411.