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Professional Retail Services (PRS) and Service Channel have been in partnership since Service Channel first launched. The facility maintenance software is used by PRS clients and PRS to set up work-orders, proposals, and update and invoice work orders.

Professional Retail Services (PRS) is a national facility maintenance company, with services available 24/7 in the United States, Canada & Puerto Rico since 2000.

Operations – Will set you up with thresholds, NTE and any other parameters that you wish to add before work orders are dispatched to us.

Service Department – Will coordinate your jobs in a timely fashion with the customized parameters you have requested when you were set up into service channel with Professional Retail Services (PRS). This will give you access to our stellar network of over 3000k contractor in various trades specializing in plumbing, glass, doors, locks, handyman services and more across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

PRS Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) this is dependent on the urgency of the requested service
Standard 48 HRS
Next Day 24 HRS
Same Day 8HRS
Emergency – 4 hrs

PRS ensures detailed communication between the store and service channel so you the customer have the most up to date information ( real-time ) on all of your work orders.

Nighttime and Weekend HRS- PRS is a 24/7 year-round facility maintenance company. You can call anytime and you will get a live PRS employee to assist you with your needs.

Accounting/Invoicing  – PRS creates and submits invoices through Service Channel to keep all proposals, receipts, work history, and invoices for that particular work order in Service Channel. The Service Channel software has proven to cut customers administrative costs up to 20%*

PRS has been using Service Channel for over a decade.