How To Fast-Track Your Hurricane Program

Best Hurricane Protection -National Facilities

A Different Point Of View Thursday July 18, 2019 | | No 100149 Fast-Track Your Program By David Lopez   Professional Retail Services (PRS) found ourselves directly in the path of the Superstorm Sandy in 2012. Long Island, in particular, suffered from severe flooding, difficult roadways, massive power outages that controlled 90% of the…

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Vendor Of The Month Program

  Since its inception in 2000, Professional Retail Services (PRS) has always taken pride on cultivating strong relations between ourselves & client, and ourselves & vendor. With 65+ retail outlets and thousands of vendors, there could always be aspects of any job that could become a bit of a challenge. However, when you surround yourselves…

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National Business Hurricane Plan Checklist

Business Hurricane Plan Checklist Business Hurricane Plan – Tropical storm readiness plan does not end at home. Frequently and not mentioned when it comes to storm/hurricane well-being is that of the work facility. Regardless of whether you are an employee or a business, it is fundamental to make proactive strides in planning for storm/hurricane and…

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