Account Management: All Professional Retail Services (PRS) programs include account management. PRS requires all team members to meticulously monitor, track and file all documentation for all procedures, products, warranties, labor hours, and costs. Closely monitoring this criteria is crucial in order to successfully provide our customers with reporting, business insights, forecasting, and the most cost-effective procedures. PRS takes their customer partnerships very seriously and is always striving to have their programs operate smarter, leaner and more efficient for you.

Labor Bulk Pricing: Wherever possible, PRS utilizes its buying power to lock down competitive pricing on labor. The labor savings amount is dependent on awarded location and quantities.

Preventative Maintenance Programs: PRS always looks to give our customers “the most bang for their buck” when it comes to our preventative maintenance programs.

Emergency Service: Between 2 to 4 hour response time for emergency service.

Service Level Agreement Report: PRS will provide you with “Service Level Agreement” reporting, quarterly or monthly.

KPI Reporting: Professional Retail Services will provide you with reporting on your “Key Performance Indicators” either quarterly or monthly. This report is also utilized internally by Professional Retail Services, to perform our own internal review of our performance and if any optimization is needed. Our ultimate goal is to be consistently proactive and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Recurring Issue Alert: Our software platform facilities exchange developed an alert enabling PRS TO RECOGNIZE recurring or ongoing issues at individual locations, this allows us to be proactive about providing the proper solution, not the “band aid effect”.

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