Women In Construction Week- An Interview with Amanda Procida

Women In Construction Week 2024 Professional Retail Services

It’s Women in Construction Week! Started by the National Association of Women in Construction, #WICweek began in 1998 as a way to elevate, spotlight, and grow opportunities for women’s success in the male-dominated construction industry.

To celebrate the occasion, we spoke with Amanda Procida, Director of Operations at Professional Retail Services. Handling projects and maintenance for some of the nation’s largest restaurant and retail brands, Amanda knows a thing or two about being a woman in construction. What follows is a conversation that was both enlightening and encouraging for anyone looking to carve out success in spaces they may have historically been excluded from.


Hi Amanda! Can you share how you got your start in projects and construction, and how long you’ve been in the industry?

I got my start listening to my mom [Kathleen Larmour, founder and COO]. She started PRS in our old home and after school, I would go downstairs to our basement and listen. I got very familiar with the company. I always said I wouldn’t work for my mom I wanted to do hair and even went to school for it through high school. Two years after high school I started working for PRS as a second job for extra money. I started as a dispatcher– an entry-level staffer, and just worked my way up in the company. It will be 18 years with PRS this October! 


What does the day-to-day look like in your role?

Overseeing the service department for PRS is my main focus. I work closely every day with the directors for RMS and RSS on our management tasks and any goals or implementation we have going on. I run all reports for sales and service for all three companies as needed. My day-to-day is dictated by what’s going on that week. I make sure project deadlines are met for our clients and check in on our construction projects. 


What do you enjoy most about this industry?

I love traveling and meeting different people, I love dealing with different expectations throughout our companies. I enjoy new challenges; the industry has changed so much over the last 18 years. I like seeing the employees grow within the companies. I love the feeling of growing our relationships with our clients and making sure we are helping them and they are being taken care of! Our office and office culture are very important to me too.


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What strengths or positives do you think women uniquely bring to construction?

Vulnerability and communication. When I started it was a majority of men at all the shows and meetings, as a young woman coming in and showing up with Kathleen, it made me feel proud. I love showing up to a meeting or tradeshow booth and seeing how unexpected it was that we’re not just selling but running the companies.


What does that vulnerability at work mean to you?

It’s understanding that mistakes happen, women have a better way of understanding and coming up with solutions versus harping on the issue. It makes for a better outcome. Women bring great value and collaboration, plus trust and communication when something needs to get done.


“Women bring great value and collaboration, plus trust and communication when something needs to get done.”


What challenges do you feel women face in construction?

People don’t expect women to be as knowledgeable or don’t take women as seriously, whether it’s signing a new contract or quoting a job. PRS is woman-owned but also woman ran across all departments. All our directors are women, so it’s nice to show up like that to tradeshows and meetings. We always have something to prove so for someone who likes a challenge, it makes work fun! We are always making sure we are presenting our best in order to get past people’s perceptions!

“We always have something to prove so for someone who likes a challenge, it makes work fun!”

Speaking of women in leadership positions, how does Professional Retail Services support women in construction?

We grow and trust women. We have so many women who work across all three companies. We love to see them all grow and become powerhouses. We push to see everyone do better, but it’s nice to train and grow another woman to feel empowered in a male-dominated industry. And it’s cool for me, I have two daughters now myself, and they get to see me travel and go to work and get things done as a mom and a boss. I also love working with so many other smart and beautiful women throughout this industry– I think we are taking over now!

“We grow and trust women.”



It’s incredible for little girls to see women being in charge and getting things done! What advice would you give to young girls or any women wanting to grow their careers?

Knowledge is power. Do research on anything that you want to do the more knowledge you have the better off you’ll be at being able to sell it. When you know it top to bottom, you can walk in any room with anybody at any point and not be afraid. 

“When you know it top to bottom, you can walk in
any room, with anybody, at any point, and not be afraid.”


This year’s Women in Construction Week theme is “Keys to the Future,” celebrating “the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry”. What do you think the Keys to the Future are in construction?

I think it’s always been and always will be relationships. You build relationships with loyalty and trust, and clients know the job is getting done for them. Every single person I’ve learned from has always had that same mentality. You must grow your relationships. You must make good impressions, so they want to work with you again. At the end of the day I think being a good person and leaving people with a good feeling is the most important. Communication and relationships are the keys.


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What do you feel is important to spotlight for Women in Construction Week?

I want to shout out those who led the way for me and the women I work closely with. If Kathleen was not as bold, strong, and fearless as she was in 2001, nobody [at PRS] would be working together. We all came up under her, the main core women who run these companies [including Retail Mechanical Services and Retail Security Services]. Robbye [Terrell, former Director of Sales] was the first person to walk me around a cocktail hour and made me feel strong and know my worth. Being in the room so young with all the men, she encouraged me “You’re here for a reason, don’t be afraid. You know what you’re doing. You know your stuff.” My mom [Kathleen] and Robbye were my two strongest mentors. Kathleen paved the way for dozens of women to be powerhouses in this industry. We should magnify that.

“Kathleen [Larmour, COO] paved the way for dozens of women
to be powerhouses in this industry. We should magnify that.”


Do you feel inspired? I know I do! Thank you again to Amanda Procida for sharing her perspective for Women in Construction Week. Professional Retail Services is one of the nation’s leading facility maintenance companies with a 20+ year legacy of delivering exceptional service and solutions to major national brands. To find out how we can help you, reach out to [email protected].