Another Successful PRS, RSS, RMS “Back To School Supply Drive” 2020

The affiliated group of companies, Professional Retail Services (PRS)Retail Security Services (RSS), and Retail Mechanical Services (RMS), come together once more to help out within the community by donating school supplies to a local school district.

Medford, New York: Every July, for over ten years, the companies have come together to kick-start the “Back-to-School Supplies Drive,” where people could either drop off supplies or order designated items to be shipped directly to the corporate office. Once the items were received, they were repackaged into a bundle that included every item on the back to school list; ensuring a full package per student.

This year, it is a little different due to the pandemic and the uncertainty as to whether schools will open in the fall or if remote learning will be required.

Contrary to the arrangements in previous years, the affiliated group of companies will completely fund this year’s drive and not ask for employee, friend or family contributions. A gift card will be given to the school district so that all purchases can be made online and shipped directly to the school.  This method will ensure we are adhering to the CDC protocols and keeping both the students and staff safe.

Kathleen Larmour, Vice President of PRS and President of RSS and RMS, stated the following when her executive team asked her if there would be a back-to-school drive this year: “We have donated every year to this school district for the past ten years. This year should be no different. Whether schools are opened or operating as remote learning, children need supplies; they depend on these resources.”

By the end of August, all school supplies will be on location and given to students so that they have them in hand before the start of the fall semester.