Facility Maintenance Companies: 6 KPIs to Track!

Facility Maintenance Companies: The 6 KPIs You Need to Track on a National Level for Maximum Success and Client Satisfaction!

Facility maintenance companies at a national level should monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.

Here are some of the most important KPIs for facility maintenance companies to monitor on a national level:

  • Response Time: measures how quickly the company responds to a client’s request or maintenance issue. A quick response time leads to satisfied clients.
  • First-Time Fix Rate: measures the percentage of maintenance issues resolved during the first visit. A high first-time fix rate shows the company’s efficiency in addressing maintenance issues, reducing the need for additional visits and minimizing disruption to the client’s operations.
  • Cost Per Work Order: measures the expenses incurred in completing a work order, including labor and materials. A lower cost per work order indicates efficient resource management and competitive pricing for clients.
  • Preventive Maintenance Completion Rate: measures the percentage of preventive maintenance tasks completed on schedule. A high rate shows the company’s proactivity in identifying and addressing maintenance issues before they escalate.
  • Customer Satisfaction: measures clients’ satisfaction with the company’s services. A high score implies that the company is meeting or surpassing client expectations and providing high-quality services.
  • Safety Record: measures the company’s safety record, including the number of accidents and injuries. A solid safety record shows the company’s commitment to providing a safe work environment for its employees and clients.

Facility maintenance companies can use these KPIs to enhance their operations, provide high-quality services, and maximize efficiency and profitability. To learn more about our services or schedule a meeting, call +1 631-719-7261 or email us at [email protected].